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Jody Miller

I started a new business and needed to work out the safety procedures. I got in touch with FSB who gave me loads of advice and even helped to train my staff. Now we are prepared!

Paul Walker

FSB are a really useful service. I wanted to teach my children the real risks that are associated with fire and FSB gave me a load of information. It is safe to say that my children now know what to di!

Fred Deacon

My son goes to a local primary school where last year a large fire brokeout. Noone was injured thankfully but now the FSB team come in regularly to teach the children about precautions and what to do if another one were to happen, its a great service!

FSB Fire Safety


Fires can cause devastating effects. Not only can they be life threatening but they can also destroy buildings making many people homeless and jobless. Even the smallest of fires can cause permanent scarring from burns and permanent damage from smoke inhalation, so it is so important that fires are taken seriously and that everyone is aware of not only how to prevent them but how to manage them in the unfortunate case that one may break out.


Here at FSB we know fires. We work with the community to provide fire safety awareness to all. Our aim isn't to scare it is simply to educate and build knowledge of the hazards that are around. 


How we work

We have a team of fire safety experts. They consist of fire fighters, scientists, health and safety advisors and scientists. On their own they are extremely knowledgeable but put together they are one super team of fire safety professionals! Everything that they teach and every piece of information that we provide has been tried and tested so you know that you are in the best hands possible. 

We go into a range of establishments to educate the occupiers on fire safety. We provide training courses, demonstrations and talks from not only professionals but people who have been in serious fire attacks. Here is a list of the places that we cover:

   Educational establishments - nurseries, schools, colleges and universities

   Workplaces - offices, warehouses, restaurants, pubs, shops and places of entertainment such as cinemas and bowling alleys

   Community areas - town centers, community halls, churches and parks

   Events - parades, concerts, fayre's and markets


Our roles

We want to educate but we don't just simply hand out leaflets for you to read, we a re practical as that is how we believe people learn:

   We do demonstrations of fire drills and safety procedures.

   We let you look at and use the fire safety equipment to understand how it works. Most people know what a fire extinguisher looks like but can everyone actually use one?

   We offer real life scenarios to test your reactions and see what you would do.

   We lay down the facts, giving you simple and clear dos and don'ts when it comes to fire safety.


Our informational packs

We also provide free information packs to anyone who wants one. They are really handy to keep in a communal area for everyone to be able to read and access. We suggest putting them with the first aid kit in your office, home, school or establishment. The information packs include:

   How fires can start e.g. electrical cables, candles, sockets etc.

   How you can prevent fires in your home e.g. clear surfaces, checking the electrics, having clear exits and entries for your building

   How to spot a fire e.g. smells, smoke, smoke alarms

   What to do when a fire breaks out e.g. sound the alarm, don't use the lifts, use a register, contact the authorities

   First aid advice e.g. not inhaling the smoke, stop drop and roll techniques etc.